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Remote Reading Thermometer (Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd.)
Product category: Materials Handling and Testing
Model: FT Series
Minimum order: 1
Payment term: 100% Full payment by T/T in advance
Delivery lead time: within 15~30days
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The capillary of remote reading thermometer is filled with gas or liquid as its sensing elements. FT series thermometer is frequently used in remote temperature measurement to monitor temperature from distance. The outer diameter and length of stem and capillary can be customized to meet the needs of various installation environments.

Main Specifications
3”, 4”, 5”,6”
▼Installation type
Back mount with flange (FTFF)
Back mount with U-clamp (FTFU)
Wall mount with flange (FTWF)
Wall mount with 3-hole flange (FTWE)
▼Process connection
Material: SS304
With swivel nut (male thread)
Material: SS304/SS316
Length: 150mm (standard)
Outer diameter: 12mm
Outer diameter/length can be customized upon request
Material: SS304
Length: 3M
Outer diameter: 6.35mm
Outer diameter/length can be customized upon request
▼Temperature range
Min. -50°C
Max. +650°C
▼Liquid-filling (option)
▼Applicable media
Liquid and gas that compatible with SS304
▼Protection level
IP54 / IP65 (option)

Other Specifications
Stainless steel
Outside bayonet
SS 304
Aluminum with black enamel Adjustable pointer
▼Dial face
Red and black scale
Pressure unit, scale, and color can be customized upon request
Copper alloy
▼Measuring elements
Gas-actuated (standard)
Liquid-actuated (option)
▼Temperature accuracy
▼Operating temperature
Stability: 3/4* full scale
Short-time: 1* full scale

Gosourcing Supplier Details

Supplier Details
Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Pressure & Temperature Instrument & gauges)
Supplier: Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Pressure & Temperature Instrument & gauges)
Year established: 1992
Contact name: Mr. Chris Ho
Job title: Export Specialist
Phone: +886 - 2 - 2820 3405
Fax: +886 - 2 - 2820 3406
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Address: No.109, Sec. 2, Zhiyuan 1st Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan
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