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All Stainless Steel Double Diaphragm Differential Pressure Gauge
Product category: Measuring & Control system
Model: MDD
Minimum order: 1
Payment term: 100% Full payment by T/T in advance
Delivery lead time: 15~30days
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MDD has high pressure resistance and high anti-corrosive performance. The diaphragm type pressure gauge is mainly use for the positive and negative pressure port of the filter. It is suitable for measuring differential pressure of liquid level, pump inlet and outlet, oil pipeline, pipeline gas and pressurize pump station.

Main Specifications
▼Installation type
Bottom mount (A)/
Bottom mount with front flange (B)/
Horizon connection (C1)/Vertical connection (C2)
General glass/Safety glass
▼Pressure connection
Material: SS304
Welded connection
Thread size: 1/2”
Thread type:
NPT/PF (Female thread)
▼Thread hole pitch (Calculate from the center of the thread)
54mm (standard) /
37mm (option)
▼Differential pressure range
0…0.25 to 25bar
▼Applicable fluid
Liquid and gas that compatible with SS304
▼Ambient temperature
-20°C to +60°C
▼Fluid temperature
▼Temperature error
Standard: 20°C
max. error ±0.5% F.S
▼Protection level
(For high protection level please inquiry before order)

Other Specifications
Stainless steel
▼Ring mount
Outside bayonet
Aluminum with black enamel
Adjustable pointer
▼Dial face
Red and black scale
Dial face specially designed for differential measurement
▼Measuring elements
Material: SS316L
Stainless steel
2.5% (Standard)/
1.6% (Option)
▼Operating pressure
Stabilization: 0.9* full scale
Fluctuation 0.8* full scale
▼Maximum static pressure
≤100bar (Option: 200/400bar)

Gosourcing Supplier Details

Supplier Details
Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Pressure & Temperature Instrument & gauges)
Supplier: Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Pressure & Temperature Instrument & gauges)
Year established: 1992
Contact name: Mr. Chris Ho
Job title: Export Specialist
Phone: +886 - 2 - 2820 3405
Fax: +886 - 2 - 2820 3406
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Address: No.109, Sec. 2, Zhiyuan 1st Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan
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