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International Footwear News
International Footwear News 2015-12
Published 5x a year in Chinese, Ringier's International Footwear News print magazine, digital e-magazine and Mobile Apps reach a qualified controlled readership of manufacturing decision-makers. In a strategic editorial partnership with a team of authoritative editorial advisors, International Footwear News facilitates technology transfer from around the world by providing the latest developments in footwear manufacturing equipment, materials and components, with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.
  • IMNA-12-15
    International Metalworking News for Asia- December 2015 2015-12
    International Metalworking News for Asia’s (IMNA) lead feature in December is a “New depth in drilling deep through-holes.” The Mechanised Edge Profiling (MEP), is an engineered tool, guided by a machine tool’s CAM program, to remove burrs quickly and consistently. This method combines innovative tool design with 5-axis toolpaths to enable fast, repeatable deburring of holes deeper than 10 times diameter. Big news in our enterprise close-up column this month is an interview story of Philip Norman of Ross Robotics. He has worked as an author, architect and artist before designing a new construction toy that used a much simpler array of parts than existing kits. Philip has presented what can only be described as an “eyes wide open” approach to engineering using nature, art, mathematics and science as inspiration for the design of his modular robots. Other articles explore the fast-evolving arena of laser cutting, and optical metrology products which are now replacing traditional CMMs. Laser cutting is ideal for working on small tubes that must be cut to high dime
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2015-12
    This is the last issue for the year and we bring you our special report, Outlook 2016, which compiles the insights of industry experts on upcoming industry trends and market directions that would impact their operations. In this issue, we invited companies that have made significant contributions to the industry through their breakthrough products aimed at bringing benefits to various industries relying on plastics and rubber. Many new developments in the blown film sector have resulted in vast improvement in the quality of films. A new blown film line, offered with multiple extruder packages, aims at delivering value-added high-level blown film performance. Painting of plastic parts has become a lot more costefficient due to the availability of various techniques that guarantee strong economic efficiency and sustainability.
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa - December 2015
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa 2015-12
    NEEDLESS to say, health and nutrition trends are starting to drive more new product developments in the Middle East and Africa which continue to face their share of over- and undernutrition issues. A product that has been formulated with an ingredient or ingredients that can provide some health-giving component is viewed with more regard by end-consumers, and the company that formulates it gains the consumer’s trust. In this issue, Hans Schinck of Corbion Purac writes an article on fortifying beverages with calcium, one of the main benefits of which is to fight osteoporosis. Also for better bones, Gelita highlights its many collagen peptide products for stronger ligaments and joints. Other fortification updates in this issue include Nestlé South Africa’s successful addition of morogo, a nutritious green leafy vegetable found in Africa, to one of the world’s most popular snacks, instant noodles.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-11
    In this issue, we bring you the special report, Outlook 2016, which compiles the insights of industry experts on upcoming trends and developments that would impact their operations in 2016 and beyond. Ringier Trade Media Editorial Team selects representatives of organisations and companies every year for this special report. In this issue, we invited companies that have made significant contributions to the industry through their breakthrough products aimed at bringing benefits to various industries relying on plastics and rubber. The packaging industry has taken advantage of the innovations in stretch blow moulding technologies launched these days. The resulting products are of high quality and have excellent shelf appeal aside from complying with strict standards. Painting of plastic parts has become a lot more cost-efficient due to the availability of various techniques that guarantee strong economic efficiency and sustainability.
  • FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal - November 2015
    FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2015-11
    For insights on packaging, we turned to Mayuree Paklamjeak, adviser to the Thai Packaging Association, the Thai Printing Association and Plastic Institute of Thailand. Ms Paklamjeak sees a continuing of global trends such as those that push for sustainability and innovation that emphasizes user convenience, extended shelf life, and of course shelf appeal, especially in Thailand. One of the hot trends is the use of digital printing she said. To know more about what’s in store for next year, read this issue’s outlook report. Still on the topic of packaging is the prevention of brands from being copied. Any good company knows without saying how essential it is to protect food and beverage products from being faked. It continues to happen even to the best of brands. On page 24, Gary Esguerra who is Senior Director of Sustainable Supply Chain & Quality Systems, APMEA, HAVI Global Solutions, shares his thoughts on anti-counterfeiting technologies. Also in this issue, we feature two companies from Indonesia. Read our brief interviews with Pod Chocolate’s Toby Garritt, an
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa 2015-10
    THROUGHOUT this issue, we feature products from companies participating at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai this month. This exhibition which showcases food ingredients, processing and packaging technologies and cold chain logistics, welcomed 26,329 trade professionals when in launched last year. On another topic, our correspondent Iza Grek visits a pasta factory in South Africa that produces various types of fresh and dry pasta, including gluten-free versions, for the local market. Also in this issue, we sidetrack to music and its influence on food preparation. In fact, many studies have been made on this subject matter. Does music – or the absence of it – have an effect on the way chefs, bartenders, and everyone else involved in food preparation, develop or season their creations?
  • Happi Asia
    Happi Asia 2015-10
    Divest or diversify, time for a change When talking about the growth of any industry, being prepared to fight slowdown in the global economic activity is a must. Divest or diversify seems to be a good solution for some companies. Although it is not usually the first choice of strategy for a business. However, as product demand changes and firms alter their strategies, there will always be some portion of the business that is not performing to management's expectations. We learned about the recent activities of many top players in the industry, for example P&G. The company is selling up to 100 brands to refocus on its core business, while Unilever on the other hand is acquiring a range of premium brands in an effort to expand in skin care arena. However, there are still major players headquartered in Asia where brighter prospects are still widely predicted in Happi. Our annual report, The Asia Top, unveils how they have managed to maintain or even strengthen their leading positions in the past year. As you can read, few of them are holding back the businesses, and
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    Expanding horizons for automotive technology

    Solid Edge University this year was conducted in Indianapolis. Siemens employees, developers, channel partners, and the press attended the 3 day gala event.  

    Creating winning foods for the silver-hair market

    For the elderly, food must not only meet their nutritional needs, but the packaging has to be easy to open, reminds Jo Smewing*

    new 3D printing materials

    Evonik Industries is driving forward its commitment to the attractive 3D printing market: The specialty chemicals company will participate in HP Inc.’s Open Platform program and introduce new customized powder materials to the market for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.   

    LPKF PowerWeld 6600

    LPKF is presenting a brand new technology on booth E04 in Hall 11 at K show 2016. "Wobbling" enables the LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000 to join large components of up to 100 cm x 70 cm with welds of between one and five millimeter width. It can also handle height differences.