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FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal - September 2016
FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2016-9
Deep ocean water with its rich amounts of minerals and trace elements is increasingly being considered a nutritional ingredient in products like sports nutrition supplements and functional beverages. In Asia, Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Company owns the largest deep ocean water project, allowing it to supply pristine water and minerals for use in food and non-food products. Taiwan Yes president Tina L.A. Huang encourages food and beverage manufacturers to incorporate deep ocean water/minerals as a way to augment the health benefits of their products. Read more about this company in boardroom connection. On the cover, we feature spirulina, another functional ingredient that continues to gain recognition as a superfood. It has been in the news as a likely solution to malnutrition. In Cambodia, one company’s venture into spirulina production is moving ahead, thanks to meticulous production and supervision. Get to know Global Superfoods in ingredients.
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2016-8
    As a major exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry in Asia, TAIPEIPLAS has always attracted a large number of exhibitors who are eager to show off their cutting-edge technologies. Taiwanese machinery manufacturers are well represented in this event given Taiwan’s well-known industrial sector with players that have gained excellent reputation worldwide. This issue brings the highlights of TAIPEIPLAS 2016 with a Special Supplement giving our readers an idea of the products on exhibit. Compliance to stringent safety and health regulations has been foremost in the packaging industry, but nowadays, the drive toward creating eye-catching packaging has taken a step forward with the help of new IML technologies. Another development points to the use of high-performance materials in the production of electronic and electrical parts for the automotive industry. In this aspect, improvement in material solutions has made its huge contribution.
  • IMNA- Aug 2016
    International Metalworking News for Asia - August 2016 2016-08
    The regularly-scheduled August issue of IMNA Magazine is packed full of valuable technical guidance for end users in the metalworking industry. Among the highlights is a follow up interview with Hoffmann Asia’s managing director half a year after he assumed the position and announcing his ambitious plan. Also check out the exclusive interview of Schaeffler (Singapore)’s vice president for industrial & aerospace regarding “Mobility for Tomorrow” strategic concept, with quotes from the company’s director for engineering in South East Asia about manufacturing expertise and systems know-how. In between are a pair of features focused on automated manufacturing. The future of manufacturing is being driven by the needs of increasingly demanding customers. This often involves the notion of a re-imagined approach towards innovation and the adoption of the Internet of Things with connected systems. Automated manufacturing, machine-to machine communication, and intelligent process chains have now become a fundamental part in stirring industrial changes in South East Asia’s
  • FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal - July 2016
    FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2016-7
    THIS issue looks at packaging trends, from design to labeling technologies, available to manufacturers. It contains innovations from several packaging companies, in addition to those coming from ProPak Asia. Our main report on seafood processing emphasizes the importance of food safety in every step of production, and of implementing food safety programs including the HACCP Plan development pre-requisite programs such as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP). For the latest in ingredients, read an overview on natural colors and updates on acidulants . In the health and nutrition section, get to know Biogreen Science, a manufacturer of anti-aging supplements in Indonesia; for updates on Omega-3, FMC’s Sarah Christianslund talks about the growing literature supporting the benefits of healthy fish oil.
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2016-6
    The biggest trade exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry in the ASEAN region remains InterPlas Thailand. As a stand-alone trade show, its successful move from the Manufacturing Expo, has been hailed as an effort to highlight the strength of the ASEAN industrial sector. With the integration of ASEAN into an economic community, the vast region becomes a single market which presents many opportunities. This issue carries a Special Supplement on InterPlast 2016. Similar to Ringier Trade Media’s Special Supplements for major exhibitions, the supplement aims to guide visitors on the highlights of the show and the products on exhibit. Stricter regulations for food packaging has given rise to various material solutions. Since ingredients in the packaging are as important as the ingredients in the food itself, the industry is not taking risk and is pro-actively l replacing any material that could shed any doubt on the safety of the materials used in food packaging.
  • International Metalworking News for Asia - June 2016
    International Metalworking News for Asia - June 2016 2016-06
    Here’s what you can expect to find in this month’s International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA). Enterprise Close-up features Reishauer’s Chairman of the Board Markus Wehrle. He has consolidated the company’s leading position in gear grinding, and has further expanded Reishauer’s presence across the globe. Without having a mechanical engineering background himself, Wehrle has nevertheless conceived and executed a series of crucial reforms, which have helped to set the benchmarks in this specific industry. Dialogue section presents Alexander Kliegl, Managing Director of DKSH Vietnam's Business Unit Technology. IMNA had a chance to interview Kliegl, during the Hurco and DKSH collaborative open house in Ho Chi Minh City. He talked about the newly opened precision machinery showroom in Binh Chanh district, its partnership with Hurco as well as the newly opened demonstration laboratory. Renishaw appears in our pages this month. Witness a bi-directional laser calibration run on just one linear axis of a CNC mill conjures up a completely different image. A short 1 m
  • FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal - June 2016
    FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2016-6
    THIS month in boardroom connection, we feature one of Indonesia’s dairy producers, PT Greenfields. The company which operates out of East Java has its own farm of Holstien cows, a breed known for exceptional milk production. The Head of Dairy Manufacturing, Mr Darmanto Setyawan, talks to FPMJ about Greenfields and the dairy industry in Asia. In the past few months, we have shared many updates on food safety, but I’d like to point out one of interest, the use of molecular analysis. Clear Labs, a food-analytics platform for retailers and manufacturers, has shared its evaluation of 258 burger products. It’s astonishing what they find in some of those patties – see p27 for a few, and if you have the time, download their free report. In automation, we all know how robotics has become indispensable to the packaging industry. For palletizing, ABB Robotics and Bastian Solutions give us a glimpse of how they are addressing ease-of-use, speed, and other customer demands. We also share interesting developments in logistics and distribution, particularly on last-mile fulfilme
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East  - May 2016
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2016-5
    According to the World Trade Organization, imports to Iran accounted for some US$12.695 billion in 2014, while exports reached $5.564 billion. The opportunities to boost trade with Iran continue to grow as economic sanctions were lifted this year. Ireland for one, is prepared to increase its business in Iran where it recently sent a trade mission. According to Bord Bia, Ireland’s food board, the country's exports to Iran in 2015 reached €3.6 million for products like juices, butter, prepared foods, and meat. While Iran is a strong importer of many food and beverage products such as meat, non-alcoholic beverages, dairy, fruit and vegetables, cereal, curd, confectionery, grains as well as ready meals, it also aims to strengthen its own food and beverage processing industry. In order to do so it requires modern machinery, equipment and technology.
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    Expanding horizons for automotive technology

    Solid Edge University this year was conducted in Indianapolis. Siemens employees, developers, channel partners, and the press attended the 3 day gala event.  

    Creating winning foods for the silver-hair market

    For the elderly, food must not only meet their nutritional needs, but the packaging has to be easy to open, reminds Jo Smewing*

    new 3D printing materials

    Evonik Industries is driving forward its commitment to the attractive 3D printing market: The specialty chemicals company will participate in HP Inc.’s Open Platform program and introduce new customized powder materials to the market for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.   

    LPKF PowerWeld 6600

    LPKF is presenting a brand new technology on booth E04 in Hall 11 at K show 2016. "Wobbling" enables the LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000 to join large components of up to 100 cm x 70 cm with welds of between one and five millimeter width. It can also handle height differences.