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  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2008-11
    We all know that the plastics industry is facing tough times ahead as a result of the global economic turmoil that has begun to affect doing business anywhere in the world. As the year 2008 closes, this issue aims to give you some tips on what to expect in 2009. We gathered the insights of four companies each representing a specific sector within the industry one invcstment consultant and one industry association on what would be the important issues and developments to monitor in 2009, the factors that would affect the industry, and tips on how to survive competition and the hard times ahead. The Special Report on Outlook 2009, thus, becomes a must-read for those in the industry. Global thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) production has been on the rise indicating a trend where TPEs are now used intead of other elastomeric materials in new fields or new product designs. The successful development of new TPE characteristics is expected to strengthen and enhance a product's overall quality creating significant impact on the market. This issue features Progressive Com
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2008-9
    Global warming has become an urgent concern forcing countries around the world to face the consequence of many years of neglect and disregard for the environment. Many initiatives have been undertaken to alleviate the grave impact of industrial production on the environment. Proper recycling is one of them, another is the use of alternative materials that are environment-friendly. A new ISO International Standard has been released to assist the emerging worldwide market for plastic recovery and recycling. ISO 15270:2008 has been developed to assist all plastics industry stakeholders in the development of a sustainable global infrastructure for plastics recovery and recycling, and a sustainable market for recovered plastics materials and their derived manufactured products. For alternative materials, EcoInnovAsia 2008 (Thailand) is one event that will surely provide an interesting and highly informative venue to introduce innovations on biofuel and bioplastics. This event incorporates a conference with over 20 presentations from well-known companies and industr
  • Brewing in China 2008-9
    A fruitful venture Several varieties of fruits grow abundantly in teh Philippines, and many of them have a high sugar content that makes them excellent for fermentation into specialty wines. Businessman Elbert Pigtain is not the first Filipino to venture commercially into fruit wines. What differentiates the 47-year-old entrepreneur is that he set out to use only wild and naturally grown fruits for his wines, showcased them in sensuous stoneware, and that he was able to export his products within four years of starting his "exhilarating experiment". We have previously reported that expert agree China will be the world's most active wine market by the end of this decade. In this issue, we focus on the independent wine shops with distinctive merchandising and character that are popping up all over Shanghai. There specialty wine shops attract Chinese locals who are open to new and fresh imported trends. We think that as more Chinese develop a palate for wines, similar shops will open in more cities. Cheers!
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    Editors Pick

    Step by step to the smart factory

    At the EuroBLECH 2018 exhibition, Bystronic is presenting the networked world of sheet metal processing. 

    Trending meat flavours

    Flavouring technologies that use nutritionally-balanced ingredients are best for reformulating meat recipes, writes DIMITRIOS TZOUVELEKIS*.


    What’s in your canned food?

    Many canned foods have seen their share of reformulations, but they can’t quite shake off the “unhealthy” label.


    Expanding horizons for automotive technology

    Solid Edge University this year was conducted in Indianapolis. Siemens employees, developers, channel partners, and the press attended the 3 day gala event.  


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