Thailand enhances position in ASEAN's industrial arena

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Revealing the password of success

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Plastics and rubber parts production has played a vital role in Thaland's manufacturing structure. And with the demand of the global market today for products with the precision and features that meet stringent standards, production has focused on new trends in technology and the development of new skills that can be utilized to enhance production.

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Auxiliary equipment Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders are the world's best selling blenders, used in the molding, blow moldings and extrusion industries. The new low pressure dryer (LPD) saves 80% or more electric energy and needs only 40 minutes to dry plastic resin. The dryer revolutionizes the plastics industry. Maguire produces weigh scale blenders, dryers, loaders, liquid color pumps, feeders and is the leading supplier of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

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Blown film extruders Lung Meng was established in 1976 as a professional plastics machinery manufacturer. In 1983, the company developed its first-in-line system, which allows blown film extruders, printers and b a g m a k i n g machines to work together. Today, after decades of continuous research and development, Lung Meng has become one of the leading plastics machinery manufacturers in the world.

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Four decades of experience Under the brand name 慔aitian? the company has more than four decades of technological experience in the production of injection molding machines and reached a new milestone in their history when it listed on the stock exchange. This advancement in the company structure plays a part in the globalization of their brand name. Since then, Haitian Plastics Machinery has accelerated its core business in the Asian and international markets, focusing mainly on the development and production of standard injection molding machines for the mass production market.

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Electric injection molding machines Speed and precision are the hallmarks of KraussMaffei's EX series of electric injection molding machines. The kinematics of the patented Z-toggle enables very fast mold movement a n d d r y cycle times. All machines operate under the MC 5 microprocessor control system as it is extremely easy to use. KraussMaffei will be showing a KM 80-180 EX producing wire end ferrules from liquid silicone rubber.
Connecting you to Southeast Asia's vibrant plastics and rubber industries

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ASEANPLAS 2008, the region's highly anticipated launch pad for the plastics and rubber industries, will take place amidst an era of renewed optimism in Southeast Asia. ASEAN countries continue to be an investment magnet, appealing to and attracting a myriad of multinational companies that seek cost effectiveness and lowered risks, while moving to decentralize manufacturing operations across multiple locations.
Innovative applications continue in automotive plasticsAuthor:Richard Stewart

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Polypropylene will remain the leading thermoplastic and present above-average growth based on its low cost, stiffness, and dimensional stability, particularly in motor-vehicle uses. Reinforced polycarbonate will expand at the fastest pace due to its dimensional stability, impact strength, and other properties, making it particularly amenable to motor-vehicle and producer durable equipment uses.