Medical Device Market in Vietnam

Publish on 12/8/2009 12:12:29 PM

Vietnamese market for medical equipment and supplies is estimated at US$289 Million in 2009 Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Medical Device Market: Vietnam" report to their offering. A new law was passed in November 2008, to take effect in July 2009, which will make health insurance compulsory for all citizens by 2014.
Vietnam's e-Healthcare Programme Launched

Publish on 12/8/2009 12:12:13 PM

Hanoi, March 11, 2009 (VNA) - Vietnam is to implement an e-healthcare programme that aims to improve medical workers' IT skills and boost the application of IT in the country's health sector, said Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien. An agreement to this effect was signed by the Health Ministry, the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) and the Intel Semiconductor Co., Ltds representative office in Hanoi on March 11.
Installation of Mobile Medical Computer Workstations

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:31 AM

Do mobile medical computer workstations require any special technical assistance or support for installation and set-up? There are many different models of mobile medical computer workstations on the market, some which may require setup on location while others arrive fully assembled. Even, however, with mobile medical computer workstations that require some assembly, it is typically very simple, straightforward and will require basic tools such as screwdrivers.
Healthy Path to Patient Records Exchange

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:23 AM

To facilitate healthcare across multiple medical organizations, governments worldwide are looking at, or have begun implementing national electronic medical record (EMR) systems that aggregate patient records from clinics and hospitals. Hong Kong, for example, in 2004 first proposed the development of a similar system for the territory.
Finding Quality Discounted Stethoscopes

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:46 AM

Stethoscopes have been around for many years, but only during the last 100 years have they evolved to resemble those used by medical practitioners today. The changes throughout the ages have allowed for more precise diagnosis of patients, but with that evolution has come an increase in price. Discount stethoscopes can still be found today, though, which are crafted of the highest quality.
Sprague Rappaport Stethoscopes: The Beauty is in the Simplicity!

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:52 AM

Stethoscopes have been around for centuries, and they have come a long way in their evolutionary history, but throughout the ages, they have always proven to be indispensable to those who offer medical healthcare. So prevalent are they in medicine, that the notion of a doctor or nurse without one seems an anathema. Perhaps the most commonly seen and used type is the acoustic Rappaport Sprague Stethoscopes.
Examination Gowns: Paper, Plastic or Cloth?

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:33 AM

Most people are upset by the idea of any kind of exam. An exam means you have to expose your knowledge, ability, or body, depending on the type of exam in question. This is one of the reasons why exam gowns are among the most unappealing and least desirable things any person ever has to wear. It really doesn't matter which side of the gown you are on at the time, just about everyone has to don one of these at one time or another.
Selecting Adjustable Hospital Beds for Best Sleep Possible

Publish on 12/8/2009 11:12:29 AM

Sleep is vital to well being. It is also critical in healing from illness or surgery. Finding the best sleeping position can be a difficult task, and maintaining it during the night can seem impossible. This is especially the case for the oldest and youngest of patients. That is why these groups are ideal for needing adjustable beds to help them to sleep better at night. The beds will not be able to help the patient to sleep, though, if it is difficult to use or dangerous.



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