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Palmary manager confident about Thailand market

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:11/29/2017 03:11:55 PM

Palmary Machinery Sales Manager Max Lu is very positive about the prospect of Thailand in the ASEAN market, in spite of the competition becoming more intense from multi-national companies in the country.

Palmary Machinery received a lot of attention at METALEX 2017 due to their particularly large and noticeable booth space.

Sales Manager Max Lu

Sales Manager Max Lu said that they have continued to occupy 120m2 show floor every year and ensure the customers gain a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment. This year, Palmary Machinery exhibited CNC cylindrical grinding machine OCD-3225CAM, NC internal grinding machine IG-150-2NC, NC type centerless grinding machine PC-12S-NC, and conventional centerless grinding machine PC-18S. The highlight at the show was CNC cylindrical grinding machine OCD-3225CAM, it is capable of grinding various special shaped workpiece when in combination with angle control of spindle by C axis (built-in spindle motor). Furthermore, the feed axis is driven by linear motor and DD motor, equipped with close loop control optical scale to reach high precision. Regarding the digital system that is becoming an ever more crucial heart of machine tools, CNC cylindrical grinding machine OCD-3225CAM is equipped with conversational control system that is easy to operate.

Palmary has entered the Thai market as early as 20 years ago, Max has observed a few main trends in Thailand based on his long-term experience. He identified the need of upgrade from NC to CNC, from heavily labor-intense to use of robots, and also mass demands in overhauling machines.

Thus, Palmary has carried out a great amount of overhauling maintenance projects across Thailand, in meeting changing manufacturing types needed in automobile and mold & die industry. At the moment, Japanese offshore auto manufacturing suppliers take up 60% of Palmary’s Thailand demand, in the areas of transmission, engine system etc.

Another highlight that gave the cylindrical grinder a green touch is embedding oil mist collector, collaborated with partner AIR-O-FILTER, the oil mist collector is designed for machine tools to eliminate mist, smoke and odors typical of wet machining operation in metal cutting applications. “This is one of the biggest change of our machine to leap into the concept of environmentally-friendly manufacturing”, exclaimed Max Lu. On the other hand, with another collaborator Palmary installed cooler management system, which purify and separate waste oil and water to a pure state for reuse. The equipment improves the efficiency and reduces energy consumption of cylindrical grinder all together.

Finally, Lu shared practical examples of how Palmary’s machine will benefit customers’ factory. By special arrangement, the production capacity can increase more than 30 % if combined with robot type auto loading & unloading system plus Inspection system, modified to do two pieces In-feed grinding.

Max Lu is very positive about the prospect of Thai, ASEAN market, “although the competition is becoming more intense from multinational manufacturers in Thailand, we stand still in focusing on refining our grinding technology, as it is the final procedure in metalworking it also requires higher entry barriers. That is why we can experience 30% growth more than that in 2016”. Palmary is now trying to enter new industrial estates in different provinces of Thailand.

Max Lu with Palmary’s cooler management system collaborator from Apex Machinery president Nicholas Yang

Max Lu with the general manager Victor Wang of AOF oil mist collector


Palmary Machinery
Max Lu, Sales Manager 呂世彬
Tel: +6634-47622-6


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