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Doplas: Leaping into the future

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:5/10/2018 08:05:17 PM

Located in the southern part of Taiwan, in the city of Tainan, Doplas Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been supplying the world with plastic waste recycling machines for over 20 years.
Located in the southern part of Taiwan, in the city of Tainan, Doplas Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been supplying the world with plastic waste recycling machines for over 20 years. The signature machineries of Doplas span a full range of plastics waste recycling machines, high-speed inflation tubular film multicolour making machines, PP resin inflation tubular film manufacturing machines, and mini-type inflation tubular film manufacturing machines for LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE. 
As a manufacturer with vast experience during the flourishing period of Taiwan’s fast industrial development, especially in plastics manufacturing in the 1980s, Doplas has transformed itself from a domestic supplier to an export-oriented manufacturer. General Manager of Doplas, Grenald Cheng, revealed the future developments that have guided Doplas in its pursuit of production excellence. 
Doplas began developing its foreign markets years ago, moving forward to explore new markets for its products, especially in Latin America. Thus, the enterprise has already built a reliable network in the region with customers from local commercial dealer, plastics material producer, and end-users who would like to reuse or resell their production waste, “Recently, we have received the most orders from Columbia as this country has the greatest need for waste recycling machines that can process diverse materials being used in the region,” Mr. Cheng remarked. On the other hand, Mr. Cheng wished that the positive feedback from customers in Columbia will spread across Latin America to introduce Doplas machines, and meet the growing demand for recycling of HDPE and PE materials in Latin America.   
In addition, Doplas has been noted to have gained tremendous improvement in its markets outside Asia because of the strategies they have adopted in the past years. Yet, the company has considered increasing investment to fit the preference of customers in Asia.  
R&D upgrade
Another critical transformation for Doplas focuses on upgrading its research and development efforts. General manager Cheng recognises the volatile changes in the plastics industry, and future trends tend to move towards advanced technologies in processing composites, developing light materials, and adopting eco-friendly intelligent manufacturing trends. Mr. Cheng admitted that Doplas has been paying attention to future approaches to digitalise, and further install IoT systems that would enhance Doplas’ relations with customers and enable closer cooperation of customers to their production line. Doplas is in the process of transition, as Mr. Cheng puts it, the company hopes that digitalising its machines will also maintain Doplas’ strength of keeping the machine easy to operate and practical for everyday production. 
A few series were introduced by Doplas that are highly recommended for customers looking cost-efficient systems. The PHR series is a high productivity machine with special shredding tank that is made according to the physical and chemical properties of plastics. Customers can also select the PHR-END plastics waste recycling machine – which is suitable for broader usages. It is able to process dirty and wet materials without prior cleaning process. The PHR series recycling machine is also capable of reducing manpower needed in factory by requiring only one person to operate the whole process – from shredding, extrusion, pallet making to packaging. 
For customers engaged in recycling scraps, films and bags, the PNR-XP series is the better choice, especially for those collecting plastics from different sources. The plastic bags need to be crushed first before entering the PNR-XP series. 
Speaking honestly about the challenges in today’s highly competitive market, Mr. Cheng is clear that the downsizing of plastics materials and use of plastics bags will be of major impact to Doplas. However, he also recognises these conditions as a key opportunity for the company to speed up its technological development and strengthen its position by offering systems that are geared to maximise customers’ benefits globally. IRNA 
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